Easy Dust Removal Tips That Help You Breathe Fresh Air At All The Time


Air is vital for our survival. Breathing polluted air, can cause a lot of harm to our health. If you have kids and elderly people at your home, then it becomes more important to ensure cleanest indoors. A lot of people find house cleaning task to be a complicated chore. To make this task easier and simpler for you, we have compiled a list of few effective dust removal tips that any householder can easily perform. 

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Quick and Easy Dust Removal Tips
  • Choose oil diffusers made from essential oils like eucalyptus oil, clove oil, rosemary oil, tea tree oil, etc. that has got antibacterial properties in it. These are all proven ways to reduce dust mites in the house. 
  • Employ better carpet cleaning methods to keep it dust free. Regular vacuuming of carpet, floors and furnishing is one of the effective ways to keep your home dust free. 
  • By burning beeswax candles helps you get rid of dust particles in your home and creates cleaner indoor air.
  • Take off your shoes outside the house. This will prevent dirt particles from entering into your house. Using a doormat to take off shoes at the entrance of the door keeps your home safe from dust and common toxins.
  • Carpets acts as a toxic sponge. So, carpet cleaning is very essential. There are several nontoxic and inexpensive household cleaning agents such as baking soda, vinegar, essential oils or citrus juice to remove dust and dirt from it.  
  • Switch on the air conditioner is another good idea to keep your house free from dust without you making any effort on your part. For households that have centralized air conditioning system benefits from entire-house air purification system. Air conditioners pulls out air of the house, cools it and then pumps it back into the house. Most of the AC systems comes with an air filter that traps dust particles while cooling the air.
  • Use of air purifier is another great way to keep air free from dust and other pollutants. 
  • Dry dusting can increase dust in the air. Due to this procedure, the dust particles get lifted in the air while performing the procedure. So, it is best not to do dry dusting. In place of it, it is wise to use a wet towel to clean the place and prevent any breathing troubles caused due to it. 
  • Salt Lamps are another potent natural air purifier that eliminates airborne irritants, allergens, toxins and pathogens from the air by pulling out water vapor from the air. 
  • Highly-absorptive action activated charcoal also helps in naturally purify your indoor air. 
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How Effective is it to Hire a Professional Carpet Cleaning Expert? 

Carpet Cleaning in Canberra employs gentle cleaning as well as drying procedure to keep your indoor air clean, pure and hygienic. By reducing the dangers associated with mildew and mold growth, Carpet Cleaning in Canberra helps in maintaining a healthy home. 

Our Professional Carpet Cleaning firm uses the most advanced cleaning treatments and cleaning agents to keep the place looking clean, pleasant and healthy. This increase the lifespan of the carpet, furnishing, rugs, mats etc. in your house. Our carpet cleaning expert use deeper cleaning process to give a healthier, cleaner and longer-lasting cleaning without using detergents or harsh chemicals.